April 19, 2005

Blurry Eyes

Apologies to anyone who's asked me for a code review in the last, oh, month. I just spent the last two days going through 700 (yes, seven hundred) bugmails that have been piling up due to my eye problems (anyone else see the problem here?). I'll go through my review queue next, and maybe even start taking a look at some of the smaller crasher bugs. We (read: I) need to start taking 0.9 more seriously. The good news is that I've concluded that out of all 700 reports, Camino really only has about five different bugs. All the others are just dupes of those five.

The 0.8.4 candidate is up on the ftp site (in the nightly section), give it a spin for any serious regressions. It has one topcrasher fix and a security fix. We should hopefully have a release by the end of the week. Mainly we're waiting on the l10n effort so we can roll everything out at the same time.

Posted by pinkerton at April 19, 2005 10:47 AM