March 23, 2005

083 Coming Soon and 0.9 Roadmap

Now that the 17branch is allowing checkins, I've landed the last thing on our checklist for an 083 release. This morning I'm spinning a build (branded 082+) which will be the first release candidate.

As far as 0.9 goes, we've decided we need to shorten our timeline and get this baby out the door sooner rather than waiting for all the features we wanted. Nightly builds already have a lot of great improvements and we need to get into a cycle of releasing more often, not once a year. That means some features will have to wait, namely big ticket items like spell checking and autoFill (which, btw, is much harder than one would think). I know people have been begging for those features for a long time, but we can't hold the world waiting for them. It's better to release without them then never release.

Josh originally said April/May for beta, but I think that's a tad optimistic. Regardless, we need to begin the triage process and get cracking on the bugs that have to be fixed for an 0.9 release. We then hope to follow it up with a 1.0 release a few months later. From there, we can start a train of releases that get new features out to users more quickly.

What can you do to help? Primarily bug triage. Help us look at all the untargeted bugs and see if they have testcases, can be reproduced, or reduced further to better isolate the bug. Help us weed out duplicates. Help us decide if a bug is trivial polish or a crasher that takes out your hard drive.

There is a new flag, Camino0.9?, which allows you to nominate bugs for inclusion in the 09 list. When you nominate the bug (by setting the flag to ?), we'll look and make a call, plussing or minusing it. Please, this is not your opportunity to beg for your pet feature/bug. It's to help us keep track of bugs that aren't yet targeted for 0.9 but really should be for the best possible release. We have to prioritize, not everything can get fixed, but we need to make sure we don't miss anything major, and this is your way to help us make sure we don't miss anything.

The new website is really bringing us some good buzz (although the press thinks we just released 082 yesterday...), let's take advantage of it.

Posted by pinkerton at March 23, 2005 9:03 AM