March 2, 2005

Camino Rolls

I've had a bunch of people asking me what's up in the last few days since Josh announced his spectacular news. I wanted to take a second to set a few different records straight. That's right, we spin all kinds here.

First and foremost, the Mozilla Foundation hiring Josh is not a slight to myself or the Camino project. I was very much involved in the hiring process and gave him a glowing recommendation. He is the right person for the job.

Second, I've had several people ask me what Camino is going to do now that Josh is no longer working on it. Sphincterboysayswhat? The fact that Josh is at the Foundation is a huge plus for Camino. Josh is being paid to work on core architecture that benefits Firefox, Thunderbird, and Camino on Mac OS X. Shared infrastructure is a good thing; the more we can share the better. Who ever said that recommending Josh to the Foundation was an unselfish act?

We've had a lot of breakage of the last year because most contributors don't give a flying monkey about embedding apps. Firefox and Seamonkey don't use the embedding APIs that apps such as Konqueror and Camino do, and thus breaking them is easy to get away with. Honest, nobody cares. That's bad times all around. Major bad times. Regressions go unnoticed and unresolved for weeks at at time. Having someone on staff@m.o that has a vested interest in an embedding app is serious business and not something to be overlooked.

As far as our 0.9 plans, Josh, Geoff and I will be meeting (in person) for a long night of, I mean hacking...and we'll be discussing what needs to go into 0.9 vs. 1.0 and beyond. I think hashing all this out in person will make things go faster, and I plan on brining lots of liquor so that I can be sure that everyone agrees with me. :)

0.8.3 is still in progress. We've had a small hiccup with the Firefox and Seamonkey branches (upon which we depend) being locked down by MF, but after those are re-opened, we'll be looking to release a candidate and final release.

I have some choice words for those who still believe Camino's future to be in doubt, but printing them here would probably impact my ability to snag that Genius Bar position I covet so highly. Honest, I'm a people person!

Posted by pinkerton at March 2, 2005 11:18 PM