December 26, 2004


I got an AirportExpress ths xmas to extend my wireless network and use AirTunes to stream into my living room stereo. The only problem is, I don't have an AirPort base station. It appears that the setup wizards *only* work with a real AirPort base station. Jesus, Apple. Not everyone buys only your products.

In order to use the Express on the network at all, you have to wire it directly to the router (that's right, with an ethernet cable), set it up as creating a brand new network, *then* use the base station config utility to change it to be a client. This isn't documented anywhere, and the setup utils just stall when they can't talk to the base station. Sigh.

I also learned that the bridging doesn't work with my Netgear base station, so no dice on extending my network. Basically now all I can use it for is AirTunes. That's kinda an expensive way to play songs on a stereo. OH well.

An a happier note, my gf *loves* her new iBook more than life itself. I just can't see why people tolerate using PCs.

Posted by pinkerton at December 26, 2004 1:44 PM