December 5, 2004


Went to NYC for the first time this weekend and all I can say is "wow!" So many people, so much going on, so much hustle and bustle, but there's something vibrant and unique about it. Everything is straight up, my neck hurt just from one afternoon of walking around. Times Square reminds me of what I've seen of Tokyo; I couldn't stop taking pictures around every corner. I think I took 70 in one afternoon. The Rockefeller Xmas tree is much grander than any of the shots on TV. You really have to be there to appreciate it.

Went and saw the Rockettes, from row JJ (that's 10 rows back). The xmas show is fun, albeit short, and ends on a very "pro christianity" tone. While most of it has to do with santa and delivering gifts, it ends not with the Rockettes and a grand musical number, but with the point that Jesus is the most important human being ever. Um, whatever. Simply not necessary. They could have easily cut this gratuitous plug for christianity and kept it entirely non-religious. Struck me as out of place.

Because I was away for the entire weekend, I held off releasing 082. Expect to see it Monday or Tuesday.

Posted by pinkerton at December 5, 2004 5:54 PM