November 19, 2004

Netscape != Netscape

I feel compelled to point out something as the "Netscape" name has popped up a lot in recent press.

"Netscape" these days is nothing more than a brand. It has no tie (none, zip, zilch, zero) to the company that used to be in Mountain View and made web browsers and servers. It is not a part of AOL Client Products. It has no members of the old Netscape CPD (of which I and all Mozilla staff were members). It is a brand.

So when you see "Netscape to relase new browser!", it's probably some group in either Florida or Ohio. Speaking to these announcements as if they were the Netscape of old is moot. There is no worth in spelling out the irony of them releasing new products based on Firefox as the group doing them has no history with the old Netscape.

Move on. There really is nothing to see here.

Posted by pinkerton at November 19, 2004 11:43 AM