October 24, 2004

Road to 0.8.2

I've been insanely busy of late and have let the plans for 082 idle. Hopefully this week we can get back on track, there are a lot of good fixes on tap. For those interested, we're waiting for two specific fixes, check bug 261393 for details.

As soon as we get those two things fixed, we'll spin a release candidate for l10n to start working with. From that point it shouldn't take long. Geoff says he was going to work on the bookmark bug this weekend. We need to find more info on the focus bug since the fix doesn't work for Camino. Any helpers on both bugs would be appreciated.

As an aside, Logic7 looks much nicer in person. The manual simply does not do it justice. It makes it seem much more complicated than it is, in addition to leaving out certain nice features such as the dragging to loop like in GB (complained about in a previous entry). That's only mentioned in the "Late Breaking News" document, but is most definately present. The Mactch-EQ and Sculpture plug-ins alone are worth the price of admission. Add in Apple Loops, a tool to create your own loops, and much more and you've got a real sweet deal.

If you're a student or teacher, the educational discount for Logic7Pro is $500 and for Logic7 Express is $150 (both half price). At those prices, you should beg, borrow, and pimp out your sister to scrape up the money.

Posted by pinkerton at October 24, 2004 10:36 AM