October 3, 2004

Guess that's where the money goes

For those watching football this weekend, you may have noticed that Candlestick Park (formerly 3-Com Park) has been renamed to Monster Park. This is not a reference to Monster.com, the job/resume website, but Monster Cable, purveyors of overpriced A/V cables and interconnects. I guess we now know just how much profit they're making on their snake-oil.

Landed a patch from Geoff on the Camino trunk that removes the 16-tab limit, adding a menu to choose tabs that aren't visible. We have some better solutions up our sleeve for managing a large number of tabs, keep watching.

We are planning a 0.8.2 to pick up a number of small, but very useful, patches. Most notably will be the addition of importing separators from Mozilla/Firefox bookmarks and cmd-up/down to scroll through a webpage. Expect this release in about a week or so. When we get close, we'll spin a candidate build for testing, I'll keep you posted.

Posted by pinkerton at October 3, 2004 8:35 PM