August 28, 2004

Save your money

I had the unpleasurable experience today of going to Six Flags America in Maryland. We got in for free for my gf's company's annual picnic, and let me tell you, we were still ripped off.

Apparantly, it was second-string ride operator day at the park. The kids running the rides seemed to only half care about what they were doing or about getting people in and out of the rides or moving the lines along at all. They were content to either stare blankly ahead or chit-chat with each other, to the dismay of those of us standing in the blistering sun for over an hour per ride. The park wasn't even busy, the lines were quite short, yet the waits were still terribly long. Odd, isn't it? One of the ride operators belched loudly at us every time he spoke.

It was also second-string ride maintenance-person day at the park. Every ride we got on had some form of technical difficulty that shut it down for an extended period of time. I am not exaggerating. Every one. We watched a few of the rides open and close several times while we were waiting in other lines. One of the rides was even stopped when we were buckled in, the next to go. In over 4 hours at the park, we rode one (1) ride, and that was only because we were lucky enough to be in the shade when they stopped it so we waited it out (about 30 minutes). One ride. Four hours. Not good.

To add to the experience, line cutting was rampant. Nobody seemed to care, especially the groups of kids doing the cutting. When you'd say something to them, they shrugged it off, as if going to the front of the line was a privilege they somehow were owed.

Am I just old and cranky? Maybe, but I'm never going back, that's for certain. I would encourage all of you to spend your money elsewhere.

Update: Six Flags is a public company, with no relation to Time Warner as I thought earlier. Unfortunately, my dad is a Six Flags stockholder. He was dismayed by my experience.

Posted by pinkerton at August 28, 2004 5:52 PM