August 23, 2004

It's that HD time of year

Being away on vacation, I haven't had a chance to blog on the multitude of HD sports on their way to this anxious viewer. From HD olympics to pro and college football, I can barely contain my teenage-girl glee.

Boos and hisses, however, to NBC for delaying the HD feed of the olympics for a day in order to appease advertisers upset about the lack of revenue from viewers watching the national HD feed instead of their local affiliate. Is it our problem they couldn't get it together and put regular commercials on their HD feed or splice HD material (where available) in with SD footage? Also why must you penalize us with crappy b-list commentators?

Kudos to all the local NBC affiliates (WRC in WashDC in my case) who chose not to use the extra availible digital bandwidth to multicast (show extra sub-channels) and instead use the full bandwidth for the HD feed. Those of us who care about picture quality on HD material, especially fast moving HD sports, thank you. Heck, i'll even watch some commercials in appreciation. That said, I'm still seeing some pixelation tonight (presumably due to lack of bandwidth for fast motion) in the diving. It could, just be the crappy production at that location, I haven't seen any other diving in HD.

I'll blog about my vacation last week in a day or two. There's just too much to say and I don't really have time tonight.

I'll also mention while I'm here that the more I use, the less I like it. It's (lack of) support for effectively reading email in a standalone window is bizarre in this day and age.

Posted by pinkerton at August 23, 2004 8:38 PM