August 14, 2004


Caught some of the opening ceremonies in HD on my local NBC affiliate. I hear they're also on channel 84 on D*, but I can't confirm. I guess there's quite a large differential in picture quality between various NBC affiliates, but in DC I think we've got it pretty good. The opening ceremony is the kind of event that's made for HD: colorful, large scale, lots of detail, and NBC appeared to deliver.

There were some oddities. The HD feed lags behind the network feed by about an hour and they have their "B-list" announcers (no Bob Costas :(). Sometimes when they went to commercial, they came back rewound about 10 minutes so you got to see several of the countries twice. They also kept showing the same, stupid but thankfully short, Sony commercial at every single commercial break. Also sometimes they would just stay in the break for 5 minutes and then come back in MUCH later to the ceremony. No idea what happened here.

The outdoor footage of Greece they play during the breaks is stunning. Not over enhanced, very few motion artifacts, even very few interlace artifcats. It's not quite "looking through a window" quality, but it's better than i expected from NBC. I've been to Greece, and now I definately need to go back.

I'm looking forward to seeing more, I love the olympics.

Posted by pinkerton at August 14, 2004 8:45 AM