June 29, 2004

0.9 Kickoff

We need a roadmap for 0.9, and to kick it off I want to set some short-term goals we can accomplish before we get too lost in the heavy weeds of architecture.

  • Grow our developer community; more people reviewing and submitting patches
  • Determine (benchmark?) if Quartz GFX would yield credible performance for 10.2/10.3.

Ideas welcome on how to accomplish each of them. Both are important and probably deserve blogs of their own.

Furthermore, there is a bunch of stuff that is going to be happening sooner rather than later, just wanted to give a heads up on what it is

  • Prefs rearchitecture, breaking out prefs from tabs into more panels
  • Keychain api changes
  • Bookmark Manager changes
  • New tab widget

We also have some heavily requested features that need attention but no scheduled work.

  • Form autofill and saving form values
  • Rework (finish) bookmarks search
  • Midas (editable HTML area)
  • Open as tabs in bookmark menu folders

Posted by pinkerton at June 29, 2004 9:27 PM