June 9, 2004

0.8final Update

I spent tonight triaging the 0.8final buglist down to about 10 (including landing some outstanding patches). My goal is

  • Freeze on Wednesday, 6/16. Make a final candidate and test the heck out of it making last minute tweaks as necessary.
  • Ship 0.8f on or around 6/23.

That should give us enough time to fix the bugs we can fix and not drag out too long on the bugs that are out of our timeframe. The results of the beta have demonstrated that people are very happy with the improvements since 0.7 and we need to put it to bed and move on. We need to focus on delivering the good stuff we have lined up for 0.9, not endlessly iterating on every minute detail.

On another note, I changed the prev/next tab key shortcuts to Command-Option-Left/Right Arrow. I'm sure this will start a brand new debate on why it's a terrible choice but fixes a bunch of localization bugs.

Posted by pinkerton at June 9, 2004 9:07 PM