May 24, 2004

It's nice to feel appreciated

I arrived at work this morning to find 30 emails in my Camino Feedback folder from the weekend. Immediately my stomach started to sink, dreading the task of reading 30 pieces of hate mail from random users on the internet, each describing in painstaking detail how I ruined the program (single-handedly, I guess) or how it would be a useless toy until feature XYZ was implemented.

To my surprise, only one message was of this variety. The other 29 contained minor issues or feature requests or statements of websites not fully working, but all heaped praise upon our efforts and offered encouragment to keep going. Many said they've now returned to Camino as their default browser.

It's nice to feel appreciated after suffering a year of "why don't you just give up and use Safari?" There will always be people that don't like it or only like whatever FruitCo produces. That's fine, I made my peace with that years ago. This product is for those that don't.

We're collecting a good list of issues for 0.8 from everyone's feedback. The final release should be even better than the beta.

Posted by pinkerton at May 24, 2004 9:14 AM