May 15, 2004

Ain't Nothin' Better

There ain't nothin' better than playoff hockey, especially in HD. However ABC/ESPN insist on using too many SD cameras and framing the action for SD sets. The result is frequent zooming and panning for no reason, which makes the action hard to follow. HDNet does hockey so much better. Heck, they do just about everything better.

I finally watched Heavy Metal after many years of seeing it advertised at Midnight Madness at the movie theater I frequented as a kid. Boy was I disappointed. Maybe it had more impact in 1981, but unless you're into large cartoon breasts, there's really no point to watching it. Heck, even if you are it's not worth it. Maybe it would have made a good date movie in the 80s (still not sure how, grasping at straws here).

Sun has started showing Mac SeaMonkey in its Java commercials. Not Firefox, not Camino, not even Safari. Mac SeaMonkey. WTF!? I guess there's no explaining some people's tastes.

Posted by pinkerton at May 15, 2004 5:45 PM