April 19, 2004

Camino 0.8beta Update

Now that Mozilla 1.7 has branched for 1.7final, it's about time to create our own branch of the mozilla/camino tree to go along with it. Sometime this week, I'll create a branch (from last Thursday) and we'll stay on that until we release 0.8final. Along the way, we'll release a beta build off that branch.

This means that any changes in mozilla/camino will need to be landed on both the trunk and the branch, and there will be two builds delivered every day (so we can ensure we don't regress). Tinderbox will alternate building trunk and branch, again preventing major bustages and regressions.

We are still waiting on Talkback at the server end, apparantly the Talkback server delivered to MF doesn't yet support Mac bits. The ETA is "about a week" but has been that for the last N weeks. Once that's resolved, Leaf will have to update the nightly build script to package everything (another delay).

Posted by pinkerton at April 19, 2004 6:03 PM