April 5, 2004

Ten Random Thoughts

1) Spending 7 hours at Ikea helping friends look for furniture is not the best way to spend a Sunday, especially when all you come out the trip with is a step stool and a $4 wastebasket.

2) Women's March Madness is just as fun to watch as men's, even if the game is totally different.

3) Go Georgia Tech. Go baby go! Go GO GO!

4) Duke? Never heard of them. Are they any good?

5) Gateway stores are finally closing down. I guess America isn't buying their white-trash 480p plasmas. Oh wait, jinglepants bought an EDTV. Number 10 my ass.

6) Go Georgia Tech!!!!!!!!

7) What A Girl Wants is a terrible movie, I could have written a better screenplay. I could even act in it if I was 18 with a smokin' body. Maybe I'll ask jinglepants.

8) The first three episodes of Deadwood encore Friday night at 8pm, back to back to back. You will watch them. Repeat after me. Of course, if you have kids in the age range of 12 months to 18 years, make sure they're not in the house. Remember, the Pinkertons always get their man.

9) Bad Boys II is surprisingly funny for a sequel. Who'd have thought?

10) Why are you still reading this drivel?

Posted by pinkerton at April 5, 2004 12:01 AM