February 24, 2004


Hopefully the crashes at startup with Camino should be fixed within the next day or two. Darin is hard at work cleaning up the regression after landing his sweeping string changes.

Smfr and I have landed fixes for what are probably our top two crashers: the crash loading site icons and the crash in the rendering context. Hopefully that should make the nightlies more stable.

I landed progress spinners and close widgets on the tabs. The appearance isn't perfect, I mostly wanted to get people to bang on them to iron out any problems before we spent too much time making them look beautiful.

The roads in New Jersey are probably the worst I've ever encountered in the USA. Road signs are misleading or entirely non-existant, drivers are impatient and pushy, and getting from A to B requires paying a toll. Then there's the scenery. Yikes!

I was pleased to see that out of the six students that took the time to rate me for my class (out of 15), I got an average of 4.6/5 on the ten or so questions asked. I guess they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed teaching it.

Posted by pinkerton at February 24, 2004 9:19 AM