January 10, 2004

Camino Update

Just wanted to give a quick saturday morning state of the union.

The multi-tiered review system implemented a few months back is working out beautifully. Patches are going through the rounds and I'm no longer a bottleneck except for checkin. We definitely could use a few more reviewers. If you'd like to join the frontlines, join us in #camino or send me some email. We can always use more QA to help file, reproduce, verify, and simplify bugs, especially as we get closer to release.

We've been knocking down a lot of bugs (functionality and performance) as well as landing a new download manager. Mozilla has also landed some new stuff for us like fixing the "unknown-content-type download bug" (the primary reason we waited for Mozilla1.7). In the short term, history will get a rewrite so it should actually be usable by mere mortals and a bit faster to boot. We're also tracking down some of the more serious regressions like not sleeping for 30 seconds no windows open. If you're interested in what we're pushing to fix before 0.8, do a bugzilla query with the "target fix milestone" set to "Camino0.8".

My mantra right now to the small crew of developers helping is "bugs now, polish later". Hopefully we can spend the next two months knocking down the serious bugs and then spend some time pushing pixels around and maybe adding stuff like more (optional) toolbar buttons. Don't fret if a triage a bug of yours into 0.9 (or later). The goal is to get Camino 0.8 released. If we try to do everything, it'll take yet another year. Every bug we try to fix takes time, and we're all doing this in our spare time. The faster we can get 0.8 out the better and then on to 0.9!

Thanks to everyone involved, this project would be nothing without you.

Posted by pinkerton at January 10, 2004 9:32 AM