December 10, 2003

Oh Crappy Day

Wow, could yesterday have really been any worse? Let's see...

The day started with early reports about layoffs in Mtn View. We knew they were coming from the day before, but we never figured they would be like this. These were not slight, surgical cuts, targeted at improving the company. These were more like a drunken monkey marauding the hallway with a two-headed battle ax. The number of people I know that remain at Netscape dropped from several dozen to a number I can count with the fingers on one hand. I can't go into the details, but let's just say they make no sense.

So fresh off a day of watching my friends get poleaxed, I've got band practice, one of my few outlets and pleasures in life. We were going to attempt to play an open mic night last night, but with the cold and the snow we put it off until next year. Well, that ain't gonna happen now: I got poleaxed. The other guitarist didn't think we needed two rhythm parts, and since he started the band, guess who goes! Sure, it kinda makes sense, but did he have to wait until I dragged my gear all the way over to his place, set everything up, and played for 45 minutes?! He coulda f-ing called me or something. I hate getting dumped.

So I drive home fuming and decide to get really fucking drunk and watch the first installment of Battlestar Galactica on SciFi. After two hours, I'm not really sure why they made it. The characters are all the same, but totally different. The story is exactly the same, except totally different. They're supposed to be 40 years after the original series, yet the characters are the same ages, and although they have all this fancy-schmancy technology, they have to fly the vipers out of the museum. Um, so why did you bother making it in the future at all!?!?

At 2am, bed was calling. Thank god.

Posted by pinkerton at December 10, 2003 10:33 AM