November 25, 2003


I just discovered that Eel Pie has recently released one of Townshend's concerts from August 1993 on CD. That's one month after I saw him live in San Diego at a benefit for the La Jolla Playhouse. I love the internet. All praise eCommerce!

This weekend I finally found a Guitar Center that didn't suck and picked up an Ovation Liberty 1867 acoustic and a Gibson SG Faded. I got an incredible deal on the Ovation, it was marked down 50% by accident. Even though it was more than I wanted to pay, how on earth could I not snap it up? It's still got nothing on the Gibson J45, however, which makes me wet just holding it. Someone get a mop!

I've reported the drawing bugs on Panther to Apple. Now we wait. Unfortunately, I fear that these OS bugs will give the project a major black eye. No more so, I guess, than we've already done to ourselves by not releasing.

Posted by pinkerton at November 25, 2003 1:33 PM