June 28, 2003


After running panther through some paces, we've discovered two things:

  • Mozilla (and that means Camino) don't work on Panther -- it doesn't load webpages at all. Creating a new tab in camino crashes down in OS code. What this means is that nobody even ran it. Now I understand why they didn't run Mozilla, but to not have even run Camino?
  • Apple has removed the preference UI to set default browser, mail app, and download location. Well, they didn't quite remove it, they moved the UI to the respective application, either Safari or Mail. What this means is that to change these prefs, I have to run the very app that I am trying to replace, or hope that the app I'm replacing it with duplicates this functionality. It means more work for developers (read: myself) who are competing with Apple applications.

Both of these discoveries sadden me. I'm sure they weren't done out of any intent to harm, but out of sheer ignorance. Apple only seems to want 3rd party developers as long as they're not trying to compete.

Posted by pinkerton at June 28, 2003 4:01 AM