June 9, 2003

News you can't use

I had a whining and self-indulgent blog written, but i deleted it and started over. It was fucking crap anyways.

The news has finally leaked that DirecTV will be expanding their HD lineup with a new movie channel, Discovery HD, and the coveted ESPN-HD. While the new lineup is not free of charge, it will be a most welcome addition. The most interesting aspect of the announcement is that they posted it on their website, but left it commented out in the HTML pending the official press release. Unfortunately, an enterprising web surfer discovered it and splashed it all over the AVS Forum, scooping the press release by hours. Let this be a lesson to anyone who puts anything outside the firewall, hoping people won't see it. If they're looking, they will. Reminds me of the people way back when who used to camp out on the Netscape.com FTP site hitting reload every 15 seconds because there was a rumor of a new Navigator beta.

After watching several of the NBA finals games on ABC in HD (btw, boooooooooring), I'm unsure at to whether the softness that people (including myself) complain about is because we're only getting 720p from ABC. Things up close look sharp, but crowd scenes look soft in the distance. Certainly missing 300 lines of resolution would do that, no? I'm sure most of us are used to seeing 1080i and anything else lacks a certain detail that makes the picture "pop". Just a guess.

I'm dismayed, after using Firebird on a PC, how much it just kicks camino's ass in rendering speed. It's not even close. It's almost enough to send me headlong into another "what's 2% of 5%?" spiral.

Another thing that really pisses me off is that there are tons of things in Camino's UI that need improving (the download manager comes to mind among a long list of other things) but I just don't have the time. Oh, I'm sorry, I have a life and a job. However, that doesn't seem to be enough for some people, who repeatedly insist (or dare I say, threaten) these shortcomings be fixed or they'll go use a different browser. See this? This is me giving you the finger. Get over yourself. I have.

I do, at the very least, seem to be having better success playing GTA:ViceCity on a PS2 than on a PC. Simple pleasures, but I'll never get close to finishing.

Posted by pinkerton at June 9, 2003 8:48 PM