June 2, 2003

Lord Stanley Would Love It

Hockey is one of those games where even bad HD turns the game into an entirely new experience. ABC's coverage of the Stanley Cup is mediocre at best, especially given what we've seen on HDNet, but compared to SD it's simply amazing. Normally when you watch hockey on TV, you're playing "where's the puck?" for 60 minutes. In HD you're a part of the action. Not only do you always know where the puck is, but you can see the intricate passing as full plays develop. If you are a hockey fan and haven't yet seen a game in HD, get thee to your neighborhood electronics store.

That said, ABC (and thus ESPN-HD) really needs to get their game together. There are too many SD cameras with bad up-conversion, the black levels are waaaay off, and even the HD cameras are soft and out of focus. HDNet's coverage of regular season games had none of these problems, and about 1/100 the budget. Makes me sad, but hopeful.

I'm looking forward to the NBA finals as well (staring Wednesday), but I'm sure it will be ABC-business-as-usual. I'll still watch, though.

Posted by pinkerton at June 2, 2003 9:07 PM