May 4, 2003

Kentucky Dont-be

I am so pissed off at NBC I could scream loud enough for them to hear me in New York. Their "HD" coverage of the Kentucky Derby was probably the worst of any sporting event I've ever seen. The pre-race show (which I made the mistake of watching) was in an out of HD every 3 minutes. Probably only 20% of the shots were in HD, the rest a really really bad upconvert or just plain SD 4x3. The shots they did have of the grounds, althrough few and far between, looked gorgeous.

As the horses were paraded out and saddled up, the shots in HD became fewer and fewer. I had really wanted to see them led into the starting gate in HD, but that wasn't to be. That's ok, I told myself and my gf who was eagerly awaiting the most exciting two minutes in sports, they'll get their act together for the race. Then the race started, and in DC, it wasn't in HD. It appears that neither WRC nor WBAL had HD switched on in any capacity from about 5:30 through the end of the show. From what I read in other cities, the actual race in HD was pathetic with several of the cameras just being upconverts.

This is what NBC considers excellent coverage? This is what they're proud of? Given all the f-ing Visa and Buick commercials (don't get me started on that), you'd think they'd have more than enough $$$ to get more than two HD cameras shipped out to Churchill Downs. Guess not.

As for the WRC-4 engineers who never turned the HD feed back on, they should be sacked straight away. Take away their mint julips and make them do their jobs.

Posted by pinkerton at May 4, 2003 7:43 PM