April 7, 2003

School Daze

Once again I'm dismayed by the production quality of the HD NCAA tournament games. They have all suffered from the same flaw: lack of focus when the ball approaches the rim. It's as if it just fuzzes out for a second, then snaps back in. Could this be a side-effect of some auto-focus system and an interaction with action around the rim? I'd be curious to see if anyone knows. They also suffer from the same problem ABC had with the superbowl: all graphics are in 4x3. They get it right for football, as does fox. What gives here?

This season's SFU continues to get better and better. If you're not watching, you're really missing out.

I'm toying with learning how to play bass and am picking up a cheap Squire p-bass to see if it's something I want to spend more time with. While researching on message boards, I frequently come across people who emphasize the need to practice 2-3 hours a day. Um, hello? Do these people not have jobs? Or lives? Sure, I probably watch a bit too much TV, but do I have 2-3 extra hours every day? Maybe I should quit my job and go back to school. Then I'd have plenty of free time. In fact, I never grew out of Top Ramen and Kraft Mac&Cheese. I'm all set. Now what should I study? :)

Posted by pinkerton at April 7, 2003 10:13 PM