March 29, 2003

Variety Hour

You wouldn't think that Fastlane was one of the best shows on TV. Sure, it satisfies just about every guilty pleasure (hot girls, a well-mixed sound track, sweet cars, gunfights and shit blowing up), but the writing is pretty damn good. You find yourself actually caring about the characters, brought to life by actors who seemed born for the roles the play. It doesn't get much better, except maybe on The Real World :D

I enjoyed last night's NCAA tournament games in HD, though they were sub-par for CBS. The audio was erratic, with crowd noise overpowering the announcers at one end of the court, and the video was amaturish. The picture not only didn't "pop" like most video-based HD, but it was constantly in and out of focus. You would hope that the cameramen would be used to the whole concept of focus by now. I'm also bummed that Maryland lost, but it's not my team so I'll get over it.

I recently took ownership of a series-2 tivo, but to hook it up requires retiring my faithful Philips 30hr to the crappy tv in the bedroom. You know those Ikea commercials where they anthropomorphize a dejected piece of furniture? That's exactly how I feel. Does it know it's becoming second string? Does it feel bad to be relegated to the bedroom, to the crappy mono cable I still use up there? Or is it happy to get some relief from being the fixation of my life?

Either way, it means transfering all my preferences to the new unit. I have on a sheet of paper all of my thumb ratings (except the thumbs down, I couldn't find those anywhere in the UI). A very eclectic mix, I must say, and very me. From Alias to Voyager, Black Adder to Miami Vice. Toss in reality TV, most of NBC's line up, home improvement shows, cooking shows, and ten varieties of forensic investigations. All on a little scrap of paper to teach my new unit who I am.

I am Jack's subconscious.

Posted by pinkerton at March 29, 2003 3:08 PM