March 27, 2003

Whither ESPN-HD?

ESPN-HD goes live in three days and neither of the major satellite providers have signed a deal. The rumor mill is that E* had something in the works but it completely fell through. D* refuses to comment on any future plans, but that's not too surprising: they never do. Regardless, in three days the channel that will likely spark the mainstream adoption of high definition will debut and I'd venture that 99% of us with the hardware capable of receiving it won't be able to.

Disney is advertising the heck out of ESPN-HD, including a HD commercial during both the super bowl and the Oscars. Certainly they are banking on satellite adoption (HD on cable is still relatively sparse), but the way the E* talks stalled seems to imply that there's something going on that the rest of us don't realize. What will become of it without satellite adoption? Basically, why would they bother?

Regardless, I'll be watching the Maryland NCAA sweet-16 game tomorrow night in HD. Go CBS!

Posted by pinkerton at March 27, 2003 10:01 PM
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