March 23, 2003


(The title is something my cat typed while walking across my tibook's keyboard. I couldn't think of anything else, so I left it)

So many people tune into jinglepants' blog for Safari updates, so I figured I'd give a quick update. If you download a trunk nightly, you'll notice that we're on the trunk, for better or for worse. For better, it's faster and the rendering is better because we've gone from 1.02 to 1.4a. For worse, there are lots of warts, mostly since we haven't received permission to land a lot of the changes in the mozilla area. The worst thing, in my mind, is that the trunk is a moving target. APIs are changing rapidy, and any time I update my mozilla tree I'm down for two hours (or more) rebuilding the world. I don't understand why we have any external contributors. I just don't get why anyone would subject themselves to that.

Another thing you'll notice if you pull down a nightly is a new bookmark manager. Gone is the drawer that nobody liked. In its place is a safari-style in-window manager with inline editing for titles are URLs. Why did we shamelessly copy Safari? Well, it's a good idea for starters. We also have plans to extend it in several ways in which they haven't which will make it even more useful. The jury is still out on if we'll keep it in the window or if we'll move it into a separate bookmark window. It should be easy to do should we decide to. It's also not that pretty, so don't start bitching about how crappy it looks. It works, the polishing comes later.

On a totally different topic, I saw The Tuxedo last night because Blockbuster only had Undercover Brother in full screen, 4x3. When I complained to the manager about how they lost a customer and how I'd switched to NetFlix, he didn't care. He looked me right in the eye and shrugged and mumbled something about the movie studios. He simply didn't care about keeping a customer. It could also be that he's 45 and managing a strip-mall Blockbuster. Oh, the movie? It blew hard. I love Jackie Chan, but the script was donkey shit. I don't even think they read it before filming. My cats could have written a better script (see the aforementioned title of this blog).

Mmmm. Cheez-its.

Edit: you'll have to wait until the 3/24 nightly to see the new bookmarks manager. I just landed it tonight.

Posted by pinkerton at March 23, 2003 9:45 PM