March 20, 2003


I've kept pretty silent on this war issue because I'm generally not one to rock the boat, but last night I heard a few things that really got my goat. On not one, but two different TV networks as well as on the radio this morning, I heard reporters espousing the viewpoint that the time to disagree with the "operation" was over and that I was now supposed to get in line behind my government and be supportive. To not do so, they implied as they chortled about a vocal minority, was anti-american.

Huh? Since when has disagreeing with the government been considered anti-american? How am I suddenly supposed to get in line behind something with which I fundamentally disagree? Aren't I allowed my own opinion? It seems to be common in this day and age for our nation's (dare I say) conservative element to brand any idea or any person who doesn't sing "god bless america" every morning a terrorist. Doesn't that disturb anybody else?

Posted by pinkerton at March 20, 2003 9:55 AM