March 1, 2003

Reign of what?

I watched Reign Of Fire last night from NetFlix. I never expected it to be very good, but my dad (who doesn't like much) recommended it to me. I watched it, and enjoyed it. It wasn't bad. The story was interesting and I found myself actually caring about the characters. I was ready to give it 3 stars (out of 5) which is what I give to movies that I enjoyed but weren't anything spectacular.

Then I watched the extras. First, they showed the theatrical trailer. It was full of scenes that I didn't remember seeing in the movie, and conversations were taken totally out of context. It felt like a totally different movie. Then I watched several of the shorts with the director. He spent the entire time talking about how he was making a horror/monster movie and how he expected people to be scared out of their seats. I can't say I even jumped once. Did I watch the same movie he thought he was making?

So now I'm left in a quagmire. Do I give it three stars based on what I thought the movie was about, or should knowing the effectiveness (or lack there of) of the director in conveying his message impact my rating?

Regardless, tomorrow night is the season premier of Six Feet Under.

Posted by pinkerton at March 1, 2003 12:01 PM