February 28, 2003

I'm in so much trouble

Just went to Rosenthal Infiniti and sat in the back while a friend test-drove a G35 coupe. Wow. I mean, I always wanted one and I've been talking them up to friends for a while now, but I'd never sat in one before, stationery or moving. Wow.

The interior looks pretty chintzy in the photos, not befitting of a $40k sports coupe, but sitting inside one is a whole different experience. The leather is nice, with heated seats and plenty of leg room. Three DC outlets in front are a nice touch. The dual-climate control and nav system also seem well done. The 6-CD in-dash changer was a surprise. One final touch is the pre-wired support for satellite radio. Sure you still have to buy a decoder and sign up, but you can get a 3rd party decoder anywhere and use either satellite service. You're not locked into a factory unit. How novel!

The actual drive was fun. Unfortunately we could only drive an automatic (we'd both want a stick, but Infiniti doesn't allow those to be testdriven). It certainly had much more torque and HP than my celica. I could feel that from the backseat. Traction control kept us straight on the road even when one of the back tires was spinning in sand and salt while pulling out onto the street. I would agree with his assessment that the auto had some delay problems follwing his lead. I could hear him fighting it. I wouldn't want an auto.

The exterior was sweet. I'd seen them in parking lots, but being able to get up close and really walk around it made me really realize just how sweet this car looks. Lovely. Just lovely. I'd go for diamond graphite with the 18" wheels, but black looks pretty good too. Of course, jinglepants has dissuaded me from EVER buying a black car.

I love my Celica, but I'm in serious trouble.

Posted by pinkerton at February 28, 2003 6:47 PM