February 12, 2003

Where's Chimera 0.7?

Many of you may be wondering "Where is Chimera 0.7?" It's sure been a while since we've put out a new release and we've got a long list of new features and bugfixes. What we don't have is a name.

You heard me. For a variety of reasons, the details of which I certainly won't go into here because I'll cause myself to blow a gasket, we can no longer legally use the name Chimera. We figured it would be easy to come up with another name and just move on. That was several months ago and many, many painful meetings complete with Chinese water torture and thumbscrews. The net result: we still don't have a good name. Oh, coming up with a name that doesn't suck is easy. We've got plenty. What's hard is coming up with a name that doesn't suck and clears legal. That, my dear readers, is close to impossible.

We have two top contenders right now, Camino and iVoyage. Neither really float my boat, but then again, I didn't think Chimera was a good name either. I even tried to get it changed. I guess that shows what I know. Yet when I tell people we might call it Camino, they burst out laughing. I really don't like being laughed at. Perhaps it dredges up too many childhood memories. Everyone is a critic. It's too easy to say, "God that name sucks," and yet not have any suggestions. That's really not very helpful. Really. Not helpful.

So it all boils down to the fact that we cannot release 0.7 using the name Chimera. Until the name issue gets resolved, don't expect to see it. Rest assured that we are still working on it and we have lots of cool things in store for future versions.

Oh, please, for the love of god, do not suggest any names either in comments on via email. I'll hunt you down and slaughter your family. That's a promise. The last thing I need to see is what you think a kewl name would be. Trust me, it probably won't make it through legal.

Edit: I'm disabling comments to spare MZ's bandwidth and because it seems none of you can read.

Posted by pinkerton at February 12, 2003 11:10 PM