June 11, 2002

Hrm, well so much for enjoyment. My palm's to-do list got corrupted today. I hope I get all my bills paid on time.

Very burned out. So many bugs, so little time. Got scrollbars in <select>'s working after a week of banging my head into some not-so-well-padded walls. Kathy Brade got copy link location working. I'll check that in tomorrow morning. Turned on CG metrics for the quartz rendering. That'll slow us down another 7% (12% overall) but hopefully it'll be good enough to quiet the dissent about the appearance.

As if calling a product "Nads" isn't bad enough, to then turn around and sell it to men seems, well, downright bizarre. Perhaps I would see it another way if I was covered in hair.

The USA really gets boned when it comes to Pete Townshend releases, yet have no fear, the internet comes to the rescue. I popped over to eelpie.com and ordered the real deal online. I love buying things in English pounds. Makes me feel regal.

Posted by pinkerton at June 11, 2002 10:24 PM