June 13, 2002

Well, the NBA season is over and hockey may very well be tonight. Detroit just seems to be manhandling the Hurricanes just like the Lakers walked all over the Nets. The Hurricanes, however, seem to still be kicking. We'll see if they get behind. While I love baseball, there seems like there's going to be a hole in sports coverage for the next few months until the NFL picks up again.

When I was growing up, I used to listen to John Miller do the Orioles games on WTOP. There was always something magical about hearing him on the radio. When I moved to the SF Bay Area, I was pleasantly surprised to find him doing the Giants games on KNBR. I was in heaven, and listened as often as I could. Now that I'm back in the DC area, I once again get to listen to the Orioles, but something is different this time. The announcer drives me nuts. I can't stand listening to him. Such is life.

I'm not quite sure what I think about Apple's new "switch" commercials. They look like everybody's favorite 8-year-old did them in iMovie. We all know that's not true, though, because he wouldn't be caught dead using a Mac for anything more than a paperweight, and even then he'd feel like he had some explaining to do. I feel like I could probably make these ads better than they can. They must be dirt cheap to produce though. Does anyone really think that seeing these awkward people stumble over something that may pass for a monologue describing why they, like, switched to a Mac will convince anyone to make the switch? It's like Coke and Pepsi commercials. Am I suddenly going to switch to Pepsi because I see some hot chick promoting it? Maybe the American public really is that mindless (we know Pav is). Makes me wonder.

We have a similar problem trying to advertise and promote Mozilla. I mean, really, how do you effectively get in someone's face about their browser choice? Most people don't even know they're using a browser. Many people think they're using a different browser than they really are. Most people swear browser X is crappy and browser Y is the best, though they use browser X and couldn't tell you a single difference between X and Y. Just about everyone, however, agrees that the browser wars are over and Netscape lost years ago. All this is true. So what do we do? Is it enough to build software that just doesn't suck? Will they come even if we don't do anything to advertise it? Beats me.

It's good to see that jingle pants is blogging from England. I wonder if he had to sneak off in the middle of the night. I wonder if Rebecca has left him yet. I wonder why he is sober enough to type and sight-see. Lord knows I wouldn't be.

Still having more data integrity issues with my Palm. Sigh. I love my palm. I haven't used a paper planner since 1996 when I first got my hands on a Newton. But this week I've been seriously thinking about ditching all of this technology and just going back to a paper planner. Sure, it's more work. Sure it's a serious pain in the ass. Sure it's not neat and tidy. But it doesn't crash on you. It doesn't corrupt itself. The worst that could happen is that I misplace it and lose everything. I guess that would suck more than what has happened to me. At least now I have all my data, it just won't sync because the palm and the desktop both think the other is corrupted, and it keeps getting into this state after I repair it. I couldn't stand using a paper planner after the joys of the Newton and the Palm. But I am an office-supply junky and a paper planner is the ultimate in office-supply masturbation. I'll keep you all posted.

Posted by pinkerton at June 13, 2002 8:55 PM