June 18, 2002

Well what do you know? Another VBScript error. Luckily i copied the text before i posted. Sigh.

Jingle pants reports that he's in Italy sweating to the oldies. Congrats, Dave. You just spent thousands of dollars to do the same thing you can do for free right here at home! Sucker!

Asa and I were talking last night about popup blocking and standards and how the press seems to have latched onto it. Asa proposed that if, through mozilla, we have a great impact on the internet by influencing other browsers (like, oh, IE) to implement those features, then we're still very relevant. It doesn't matter that our marketshare is in the single digits, we're influencing the marketplace. Ok, I agree, but given that what I do on a day to day basis has little to nothing to do with either of these, I'd sorta like what I do (fix bugs, ship products) to have a greater impact. Maybe I'm just selfish. Maybe we can both have it our way.

Has anyone noticed that NS7 PR1 doesn't have popup blocking? Why hasn't anyone held AOL's chestnuts to the fire over this decision? I mean, it's really the only thing reviewers talk about. We're going to have to pull it from Chimera too, I can feel it. I can use phrases like "over my dead, disemboweled body" but they only go so far to product marketing.

Boy, I sure wish I worked at Microsoft. It seems everyone even gets their own cup of coffee, but they have to share it with the interns. What makes a place cool to work isn't the free cokes and (zowie!) free coffee. It's working with really smart people and doing really great things. Notice he doesn't mention any of that. He just blathers about the apple juice.

Posted by pinkerton at June 18, 2002 10:29 PM