July 16, 2002

Harper's Ferry, WV

Harper's Ferry, WV

I learned two things today:

  1. Civil War soldiers must have been super-human bad-asses
  2. I am a bona-fide pussy.

I got about half way up into the Maryland Heights and simply ran out of gas. So much for all the cardio I do at the gym. I didn't even make it all the way to the top to see the ruins I went there to see. Oh well, another time perhaps. In case you are quick to laugh at my inability to hike a trail, I kid you not that this one went straight up. When the National Parks Service says "a strenuous, but rewarding hike," they really mean: "Do not attempt unless you are a tri-athelete. Take your panzy-ass to another trail before I kick sand in your face." Even the "consolation" trail that was "more gentle" continued straight up past the split.

Wandering around town was fun, for about 20 minutes. Unless you happen to like expensive steak or crappy little antique stores, wild and wonderful downtown Harper's Ferry is not the place to be. Not a hooker to be seen, though even if there was, she probably wouldn't be one of the good crack-whore variety I can get in town.

The scenery was beautiful, two great American rivers coming together at a little outcropping of rock that man shaped, built, destroyed, built, destroyed, built, ...you get the picture. Harper's Ferry changed hands eight times during the Civil War. But that didn't impact the mountains and the rivers. Stunning.

Tomorrow, Gettysburg. I will make sure I bring more water (I ran out), more food (I ran out), and remember to take my tennis shoes out of the car this time (I only have one blister, at least). Is this simply a sign that I should stay behind my desk like a good little drone? Is Mother Nature trying to not-so-subtley tell me something? Tomorrow I will conquer the great outdoors. Maybe I'll even get to see some civil war stuff too.

Posted by pinkerton at July 16, 2002 8:13 PM