July 21, 2002

Season premier tonight of Sex & The City. More great television from my parent company. See, not everything we do sucks donkey.

I bought Neverwinter Nights over the weekend. Had to buy the PeeCee version and play it on my Dell at work, which I don't care for. I even thought for a fleeting moment, wandering through Best Buy, of buying a cheap PC for home. I just couldn't do it. I'm glad, because so far the game isn't all that. If I wanted hack&slash, I'd have bought Diablo II. I know the greatness of the game lies in its toolset, but I still expected more. Another technological marvel, down the tubes? How could GameSpot have given this a 9.2?

So I finally got my digital camera. It came with 3 CDs full of software and drivers and stuff that made my head spin. I took a picture of my cats, plugged it into my Powerbook, and iPhoto launched and I imported the picture. It just worked. No software to install, no drivers headaches. I just plugged it in and it fucking worked the first time. I love my mac. Of course, I get my camera the morning after I get back from Gettysburg. Sigh.

I find it hysterical that people actually didn't get that jinglepants was joking in his blog about his first days at Fruit-Co. Mac users need to get out more. Like, a lot more. This means you.

Posted by pinkerton at July 21, 2002 10:50 PM