August 17, 2002

More info for those interested in Sports Night on DVD. Sure, it could all be a cruel hoax. It could also be a most wonderful event.

"Sometimes it's worth it, taking all those pies in the face...And some days you just stand there, waist deep in pie." My favorite Sports Night quote neatly sums up my week. Priorities come, priorities go. I guess it's all about keeping your eye on the prize and know that management will eventually come around: the direction du jour. I've been at Netscape for over 5 years and the only things I've ever really been proud of have all been stealth projects that got me in trouble with my manager. Only after being presented with a finished product in the nick of time to save their necks did management realize the importance of what I'd been doing.

AOL is very much about short-term numbers. If you're not going to affect the bottom line for this quarter, they don't want to hear it. If you ask me, that's exactly why they're in the situation they are now. Every plan is based on narrow-minded, short-term decision making. And how do we plan to get out of this hole? The current answer is to make more narrow-minded and short-term decisions. It's reactionary and it's stupid, stupid, stupid. These decisions will only hurt us.

Posted by pinkerton at August 17, 2002 12:43 PM