August 21, 2002

There's nothing like being the lone Netscape representative in Dulles. Why is it they think that I know anything more than they do? How the heck would I know how far Beard got on the java bug?! I'm sorry Conrad can't fix two bugs simultaneously. Sheesh. What do they want from me? Blood?

Sigh. MozillaCFM doesn't build under Jaguar. It's not mozilla's fault, it's stupid bugs in the tools. Could today suck any more?

Sports Night on DVD showed up on

Someone (I won't say who, but mind you, they really need to get out more) actually mailed me a blogger template with a fixed position image of one of my cats. Now, not only did they have to come up with said template, they had to cut Keiko out of one of the pictures on my website and separate her from the background. Free time like this should be spent taking drugs or binge drinking. Hey, if you're not going to take your medication, can I have it?

Ever get bad directions from mapquest? Need I say more?

Posted by pinkerton at August 21, 2002 11:48 AM