August 25, 2002

Update on Sports Night, if you order from right now, you get free shipping. As if you need an excuse to scurry over there and drop it in your shopping cart.

The new season of The Sopranos looks bloody awesome. September 15th is the date and I may not be able to contain myself until then. Only two more episodes of Sex and the City. Can you believe that? What kind of crock season is this? But they're bringing back Chris Noth for at least one of the episodes. God he's so dreamy. If I wasn't straight I'd be stalking him.

Upgraded to Jaguar last week on my powerbook. iChat is fun and very slick, but totally lacking in some critical functionality, most importantly the inability to block someone once you have started talking to them. I was harrased by someone out of the blue (with a SN of "godismans") but I couldn't block them once I realized that this person wanted to know "if I was a boy or a girl" because he had something to share that would be "music to my ears." Needless to say this moron is now blocked, but it was too hard to do. Is this Steve Jobs' new user interface paradigm, to remove the most useful functionality of an app until even a total novice would find it too simplistic?

I also have to rant about their new development tools. It seems that the new dev tools only work on Jaguar, and the old dev tools don't. This would all be ok if only ProjectBuilder 2.0 was backwards compatible to version 1.x. As a result, all developers on a project have to be running Jaguar, or none of them can be. WTF?! Not only that, but Jaguar breaks the Mozilla CFM build because it breaks the AppleScript we use to drive CodeWarrior and the build system. I won't even go into what they did to Mozilla's Java plugin. Good job all around, Apple. Maybe less time spent on iChat and more on actually making the OS suck less would be a good plan for 10.3?

Chimera 0.5 should be out in about a week and I'm not quite sure if I feel good about it. I think we're dangerously close to being buggy. Too many new features, not enough care. I'm not even sure how many of the new features we've added are really of any use. Thankfully we've also fixed a couple huge memory leaks and some pretty heinous bugs.

I'm so glad it's football season again. I was going absolutely crazy.

Posted by pinkerton at August 25, 2002 9:49 PM