September 8, 2002

After a week vacationing on the sunny beaches of Playa Del Carmen, I'm back and ready to go. Time to start making Chimera kick some real ass. In my day-to-day usage, there are some pretty annoying bugs that need serious attention. I'm not quite sure why people think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Perhaps Mac users really are that desperate for anything that doesn't totally suck.

Jinglepants writes:

Text editing - if you use Chimera on the Mac, you'll see that the textfield widget is easily the most painful part of the entire application. It's buggy, slow, misbehaves, and doesn't edit the way you'd expect. This is IMO Chimera's top usability problem"

Hrm, if this is really our top usability problem, I think we're doing pretty well. I'm not sure it's buggy (i'm using it now to compose this), but I agree it's slow and needs spellcheck suport, or simply a rewrite to native a native widget....and miles to go before i sleep.

The 3 things that are the top of my list are (in this order):

  1. Keychain support for passwords
  2. A cocoa embedding framework (which hyatt blatantly destroyed, ahem!)
  3. Native text widgets

One week to the season premier of Sopranos.

Watched Blade II last night, and while it's a so-so movie whose target audience is obviously not the Academy Award Nominating Committe, the interviews with the director are hysterical. I'd recommend the 2nd disc just on those interviews alone. Tomorrow night's movie (you think i'd watch anything other than HBO on sunday night?) is Magnoila, of which I've heard many mixed reviews. We shall see.

I really need a girlfriend. While traveling with friends is fun, resorts on the Mayan Riviera are definitely geared towards couples. Sigh. Any takers?

Posted by pinkerton at September 8, 2002 3:27 PM