September 10, 2002

Magnolia. Still watching the extras disc. Three hours, and for some reason I'm watching the extras disc. Of course, there's really only about 10 minutes of material on this disc. Not sure why they even bothered. The acting in this movie is definately worth mention, especially Tom Cruise's performance. If you watch closely, most of his scenes are done without a cut which must have either been a bitch to edit or a true indicator of his talent. Then, of course, how could i not mention beautiful Felicity Huffman in her minor role? Shoe money tonight! What brings this movie home to me is that I recognize many of the outdoor shots because of the time I've spent in North Hollywood and Studio City. In parting, I have one thing to mention: Frogs!?!?!?

Chimera 0.5 came out today. We're getting there. I'm adding a patch from an external contributor for Keychain support to remember passwords (after i clean it up and fix all the memory leaks). That will be nice. Heck, we should just take that in mozilla and toss the single-signon wallet bullshit. It's nice and it just works without tons of crappy code.

Thank god it's football season. I thought it would never get here.

I'm sorry, i have nothing mozilla-related to bitch about tonight. I'm sure I will tomorrow. Please hold your cards and letters

Posted by pinkerton at September 10, 2002 12:08 AM