October 10, 2002

I'm not sure if blogger.com could be any slower. Sigh.

I noticed in Becca's blog a pointer to Zombo.com and qualifies it with the warning "Use headphones." My cats didn't seem to mind at all. Are you implying that if I had a real, living person with whom to share my life that I might have need to use headphones? Suuuuure. Rub it in.

Two days off, and now I'm getting sick. When it rains, it pours.

I don't care what CNN.com says, Manassas is not a "suburb of Washington, D.C." It's the sticks, plain and simple. And I can say that, because Ashburn is the sticks too. Ok, it's not, but that's what all my hoity-toity Arlington law-firm friends tell me. I'm being repressed.

Posted by pinkerton at October 10, 2002 1:21 AM