October 15, 2002

Too Close For Comfort
Last night's shooting at a Home Depot hit close to home for me. I have several good friends in Arlington who shop regularly at that very Home Depot. When they said a woman was shot, I was in a panic. It could have been them. Not only that, but Friday night, I was filling up at a gas station not more than a few miles from there. Fear might be irrational, but at least from my point of view, it's understandable.

Goooo Giants! Several people have expressed to me that they are rooting against the Giants because they don't want Bonds to wing a championship ring. I think that's just silly. They're a good team, there are many other good players besides Bonds, and if he earns it on the playing field, why doesn't he deserve to win?

BTW, my date Sunday night went very well. ;-D

Posted by pinkerton at October 15, 2002 9:47 AM