November 26, 2002

Still basking in the glow of my new dish, I've ordered the Zenith HD520. It's $100 cheaper than the Sony and the only differences are a button on the remote (I can just get the IR codes for my Pronto) and a DVI cable (my Mits doesn't have a DVI port). So that pretty much does it. It should be here by the end of the week, if all goes well. Sopranos in HD, baby. Awww yeah.

I can't wait for this friday, when I'm going to see the new Bond movie. I'm a huge Bond fan, and also a huge Brosnan fan. While I've seen mixed reviews, reviews from actual Bond fans (as opposed to movie reviewers predisposed to disliking the franchise as a whole) indicate that this may be one of the best Bonds yet.

Now that I have Comedy Central, my TiVo is once again catching episodes of South Park. Mother of god. No, I mean it. Mother of holy fucking god. I love the show, but it's taken a turn for the...well...disturbing. It's just plain disturbing.

I had a lot to blog about yesterday, but now I can't seem to recall any of it. Shrug

Posted by pinkerton at November 26, 2002 10:37 AM