November 27, 2002

I am totally stoked that Josh Malina is talking over Rob Lowe's spot on West Wing. Nobody delivers Aaron Sorkin's lines like Malina, except perhaps Rob Lowe. Now we just need a season-long cameo by Peter Krause and I'll be seriously giddy. Shoe money tonight!

Can I mention how much my TiVo really loves me? I had missed the last two "encore" performances of this week's The Sopranos and was all set to catch tonight's repeat. I even marked it on my calendar. What do I find when I wake up this morning and come downstairs? My TiVo grabbed last night's showing. Feel the love. Go on. Feel it.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone in case i don't get a chance to blog tomorrow.

Posted by pinkerton at November 27, 2002 10:58 PM