December 25, 2002

I'm dreaming of a white

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...
There have been only nine "white Christmases" in the last 100 years in the DC area, and this year was one of them. Leave it to the weatherman to be 100% wrong. I've got pictures, which is good because the snow should all be gone by the weekend.

I've found there is something better than cheerleaders in HD: Anna Kournikova in HD. Yummy. She pretty much sucked in the match on HDNet, but who watches her for the tennis these days anyway?

I watched Minority Report on xmas eve and I don't see what everyone is raving about. Sure, it's nice to see Tom Cruise in a movie that isn't pure crap (both installments of the Mission: Impossible series come to mind), but it's really nothing spectacular. The computer interfaces are interesting, however. Why can't AOL be more like that?

Posted by pinkerton at December 25, 2002 9:50 PM