January 5, 2003

After having the last three movies I wanted to rent at Blockbuster only be available for rent in full-screen pan&scan (they only carry one or the other), I have given BB the finger and opened an account at NetFlix. You've lost my business, Blockbuster. Of course, I know they don't care.

It's snowing again. Crazy. This is Washington. It just doesn't snow that much here.

Got my C-LNB working after swapping out the entire dish with a new 18x20 3-LNB dish from CircuitCity. CC took the old dish back w/out question and only charged me the difference between the two dishes (about $20). Apparantly the built-in multiswitch on the old dish was bad, and now I can get Showtime HD as well. I'm very impressed with CC. Their customer service through this entire episode has been top notch. Not only that, they price-match with Amazon.com with no questions asked! That's pretty tough to beat.

Posted by pinkerton at January 5, 2003 2:11 PM