March 24, 2011

Video from Drumbeat San Diego

Back in February I was fortunate enough to participate in the Drumbeat San Diego event.

As part of the event they produced a video and I was one of the participants that was interviewed.

The Drumbeat San Diego event was very interesting. The Human Spectogram was part of the festivities, and I liked the way it made you think about a topic and where you might fall on the spectrum.

I think one of the great things about this event was also having the opportunity to interact with different types of community (not necessarily an all-tech crowd). It is easy to forget that there so many other communities pursuing different paths. Example of some other communities that were at Drumbeat San Diego included:

*info-activism around eating Good Food
*open data
*open source music experimentation

I got some very good feedback to my "Making Mozilla Better" presentation, including some feedback that people did not really know how closely we looked at the Firefox crash data. All in all it was a good event, and I look forward to being able to participate in future Drumbeat events.

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